Saturday, April 24, 2010


Yeesh! I really am not doing all that well with this am I? I suppose that discontent or longing stimulates more incentive to write than contentment - yeah, I'll use that as an excuse. None-the-less, this is to mark nine years together and eight married! I love you my dDear!

Astonishingly, several someones found this blog sometime in the past year and even COMMENTED. Wow! (and - just in case you ever come back - thank you!)

One of those commenters found my tale to be unbelievable, but dear person, I assure you that it happened just that way. I gather you must have some deep disappointment in romance in your life/past to feel that way - and I am all too familiar with that feeling and ache for you and anyone without the right partner. Just before my Sweet Babboo reappeared in my life, I was in a deep, dark funk and feeling desperately Lonely. Point? Don't give up. It can take a lot longer than you would like/wish/hope, but as long as you don't close yourself off to potential, the Love of Your Life could be just around the corner.