Friday, April 10, 2009

A modern day fairytale

A modern day fairytale...

Waaaaaay back in the early '80s, in a southern city, She was an avid reader who discovered a great little bookstore near her favorite grocery. She made weekly trips to this store, not just due to her voracious reading habit, but also because of The Cute Guy who worked there...

- Here we come to a point of dispute: SHE maintains, that she screwed up her courage and asked Him if he wanted to have lunch or something. Meanwhile HE distinctly remembers getting her phone number off one of her checks and asking Her out. Both parties have agreed that this will be an agreeable subject for a friendly argument while watching sunsets from a retirement home porch somewhere, and so we will just have to say that they did indeed have several very enjoyable dates. -

However, He was feeling restless and departed for Colorado for a new start. She was busy where she was, and besides, they had not gone beyond casual dating. Eventually She too, developed a wanderlust. The next year He returned to town in time to wave goodbye as She headed for California.

Skip to 1996. They are on opposite sides of the country all contact has been lost. He decides one day to see if he can find Her via the wonder of the internet - and miraculously turns up an email address. They carry on a friendly, but intermittant and casual correspondance until late 2000, when having hit a crossroads in His life, he decides to make a pilgrimage to the grave of his hero - which happens to be in California. He writes asking if he may visit. She is feeling depressed and thinks a visit would be terrific.

So in late January 2001, a road-weary soul arrives on Her doorstep... He stayed two weeks.

Something clicked. Something worked. Something felt RIGHT. Still it did not dawn on either of them until he left to drive east, that there was something more lasting between them than they had expected. Within two weeks of His leaving, it was decided that He would simply have to come back and move in.

In April He came back.

The following April, they married. They have weathered job layoffs, major surgery, disability, a 3000 mile move, death of a loved pet, and assorted daily problems familiar to most people. They address each other only in the most loving terms; start and end every day with a cuddle; and are deeply grateful to have each other as best friends, lovers and mates.