Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Valentines Day

So. I have proven to be a pretty lax blogger - certainly insofar as regular updates are concerned. Excuses of medical issues, heavy work schedule and the like, seem pretty paltry when considering that it is only writing a paragraph or two, but it can be astonishingly difficult to put coherent (or worthwhile) words together when tired, or sick or sad - and we have had our share of those over the past several months.

However, I cannot let Valentine's Day slip by without an entry.

You see I am crazy-in-love with my husband. We have now been together for seven years - married for six - and he is still my best friend, dearest companion, lover and center of my life. I delight in every day spent in his company. I think my only complaint is that I no longer find male bashing jokes as funny - because none of them apply to My Sweet Babboo!

Our happiness is a sweet, everyday sort of happiness, a delight in small things - a bit of music; something amusing the cat did, meeting with friends, a hawk in the sky - all magnified by being shared. Even the stress involved in coping with the fact of aging, ailing parents is made bearable because we have each other.

Mind you, there is passion there still as well - not a flaring, burning sort, but the deep, hot, enduring kind, the kind that wells up from deep inside and warms you at unexpected times.

I love you, My Dear. I can never say it enough.